Finance & Funding

Finance & Funding

Sunshine Coast Support can provide home care for you if you are financing yourself privately or if you are receiving assistance from East Sussex County Council.

Private Funding

This means that you are paying for the home care out of your own financial resources. This can also be called self-funding. Many of our clients are paying for our service in this way. It allows you to control the level of service that you want as well as helping you feel that you are maintaining your independence. If you are using private funding you can approach Sunshine Coast Support directly and from there we can discuss the service that you want.

East Sussex County Council (ESCC)

As a resident of East Sussex you are entitled to contact ESCC to ask them for a Social Care Assessment. This will allow you to discover if you will be able to receive the financial help from ESCC that will allow you to get home care support. ESCC have dedicated officers who will be able to assist and advise you on this. Even if you are not entitled to financial funding you may be able to receive help in other ways. For example with equipment that can be fitted in your home, free of any charge, that will assist you to remain independent in your home.

If you are entitled to funding for home care you can advise ESCC which agency, including Sunshine Coast Support, you would like to provide that care.

East Sussex County Council’s contact details are as follows:-